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Odd Ice Skaters and Dolls wobbly head

Friday, June 15 2007

scene 1) Some weird dreams. I am first in school [high school]-and I go to the gym. I am there to watch something? The gym is in different colors now. no solid floor its a yellow carpet and even the 2 chairs that I had sat in where yellow. I am like in a platform. I was wondering if I was allowed to even watch . There were ice skating- skaters mostly boys. Some chines. were only 2. But other older adults were there too. watching their children. Someone was there with a video camera and wa

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Adventure with Simon and SImon [short]

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, September 5 2006

scene 1- I am with Simon and SImon. Something about being in a school gym and someone was asking rick about his gym teacher and how they were back in schoo. He was saying that she was stricked and would slap hit and bitch around at the lazy ones. I think I heard myself laughing. We were watching them playing basketball with some other professionals. I was picturing what his teacher was like when he had her. I could also see them when they wear those glasses. [dark ones] and were also


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