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Test my direction [short]

Monday, May 19 2008

dream 1 short night again, can't stand that, I am at school and taking some kind of test- and I had to go up and ask the teacher something . The test didn't last long and I thought I had to go on the same bus as  missy - but when I saw where the bus was going in the wrong direction. - I had to get off the bus. I mostly was walking , around the town and trying to find the right bus to go on. I am walking near the water- and I had to ask a woman about the buses. I think i got on the bus b

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Passing the exam and waves too close

Sunday, May 20 2007

scene 1) I am at some strange hotel . Though its a very big - one and nice near the ocean. I am watching the ocean - and seeing the waves. They looked harmless. I think first I had been in school. Since I recall We were having to take a exam being the last days. I wasn't even sure I would pass- and also I wanted to graduate but taking exams I knew i wouldn't do very well. There were some girls that came in this room and I asked "How is the exam?" They thought it was easy . The room


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