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Strange Throne behavior {tranformation ]

Sunday, March 2 2008

Dream 1-  I am in some odd place I think it was a school? I was with some friends going down the hall. then i go into this big auditorium i think, and I see this odd statue. there is a woman sitting in a chair [throne like]- and it looks like she or even i think it might of been me [transforming] from a stone ? its hard to explain but I  see the guy from moonlight again [vampire]- Mark.-  and I was telling him about the stone transforming wrong? I was in the face like it was upsid

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Gym room Follies.

Lucid Intent
Sunday, October 1 2006

scene 1 - I am at this school. Going to classes etc. When I happen to see Simon and Simon in the Gym room [smaller gym] I notice they are talking about some case with these other men. I bring in my luggage ? what it seems like . I am talking to some friends of mine from class [only in dream] and They ask why I brought all this stuff. I said "Because I want them with me. " I think I had the dolls in there. Not sure. Well I had to be there awhile to help with something after school. I st


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