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Magical achievements at Hogwarts school

Thursday, February 19 2009

dream- I recall being in school , and I think its like a regular school but then its got hogwarts professor's- I am sitting with a friend [only in dream]- and doing some writing. Then Snape and some other proffesor comes in [female] to tell us about something magical that we had to be doing. ? I go around with my friend, or another friend too and there has to do with the desks we had to move, for some reason I didn't want snape to see me- ? i felt a bit awkard in what we had to do. Since it had

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I am Proffesor Snape and walking through a graveyard

Lucid Intent
Friday, August 17 2007

scene 1 ) I am in a number of scenes- First I am in some building , and I am with Snape and some other students? I am doing something experiment and I noticed he is talking to some other woman in the group which i am surprised he even talks to her. I was talking to the student about this experiment and I strangely get switched to snape - I feel I am actually transformed into him and I wasn't wanting to do that. I felt panic. So I was going around and trying to find help. I am oddly putti


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