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schoolpoints & trainstop

Friday, May 2 2008

dream 1- I remember I am in some school , sitting with some friends [only in dream] and we are sitting on metal tan chairs- . It felt like we were waiting to take some tests for graduation? * and I felt that I know i wouldn't have enough points.  I see some other chinese friend come and thought she would sit near the other chinese girl but she sat in front of us near another friend. I am telling her she should sit near us but she is talking to the other girl . about the tests- ?  St

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The old School

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, January 9 2008

dream= just bits and pieces again, about being first I think at school - and we are taking tests and I was wanting to be sure that I was going on the bus with marlene. ? We were - going to the library too and waiting for our test results I think? It felt like there might of been a group of us there. I think it felt a bit like the past when we use to go wait for our next class- ?? Well we didn't go home right away , we were out shopping I think at some store looking at clothes.


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