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Old good times with mom and rosie

Thursday, September 20 2012

dream 1- i am at some strange place.....and mom,laurie,rachel,younger--like when we use to go on trips .we'd stop at bakeries and purchasing some goodies...i went to get a excited about eating with mom again...i picked a table.and put some food out brownies....a older woman sat next to me atour table and wth her son which annoyed me soi said"sorry you can't sit here '' she was like ''what?'' i said that my mom and niece are sitting here...and they didn't move until they came ove

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crrazy meeting you with hawkeye

Tuesday, September 18 2012

dream 1-i am with amanda and in some strange mall where i go to meet her after i got off the dontown bus ,i am rather late...but was do whatever..i carried a backpack and was teling her about why i couldn't eat something since there is a food place there,i am picking up some old dolls and couldn't believe where they were and still talking to amanda seeing some commercial with those bladder control metal characters.......and thinking how odd place for them to be...i am trying to pic


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