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Swimming in the past [short]

Thursday, July 15 2010

dream- Some odd dream, only remember seeing me and my sister swimming in our old pool and we are talking about selling the house, as we are walking out of the pool, and she says its for the snow plow and trackter we need for the yard work, but then I reminded her if we sold the house, there would be no yard or other work needed - I think the house was brown color too.- and like the past, I remember seeing samatha from bewitched and she is in the middle room wearing the pink dress she wears. - an

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Weird Weird Shopping objects

Lucid Intent
Saturday, December 23 2006

Setting - We are out driving. [mom,rachel,laurie I ]- looks like a strange city- I had to stop at some mall for something? So we ended up stopping. The mall looks busy but they let Me and Rachel out. Rachel isn't 18- she is younger. We go into the crowded mall. I am looking for something specific. I go up to these displays in the mall that have some weird stuff on them like statues and paintings Think we went into one store and I had to ask a male clerk about some other calander I was


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