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Boyfriends just won't go away

Friday, July 23 2010

dream- I am around the wiliston road and at eating places where I met some friends, and then was shopping too at the mall, and looking for the right area to shop, and wait for the bus, I think I was on a bus and going down the downtown and then I met up with the friends and walked and I thought her boyfriend was going to be at camp, but i see him in the backyard, and I ask "Thought he was at camp" and amanda says he couldn't go and freddie is in the backyard too- and I am talking outfront to the

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Exposing to much .

Lucid Intent
Saturday, February 16 2008

Dream 1-  Well some weird dreams last night, it had to do with my friends. We were around her house I think and I had to go out with them. We went out shopping and then we would come back to the duplex and it seemed different in the dream. We were around the place and the animals were around. Even her daughter Tabitha. We went on the bed with our packages. and Well this is the weirdest part, where I was seeing Ed [her husband]- gets on the bed and was actually showing his penis which I


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