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Is it christmas again? cat topsy- shopping aimlessly

Thursday, March 3 2011

dream- 1 , I am at home, and in mom's room I happen to notice there are 3 things near the heat, and one of them was a piece of cardboard, and then some paper was stuck there so I had to take them each off the electric heat. Then it was about Joey and wendy, and something about their cat was on our couch and had to do with the pet food and was showing them about the food and some spilled out. I was trying to say I was sorry for the loss of their cat, and guess the food was for Laurie's. Joey is t

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nagging family

Tuesday, October 5 2010

dream- some dreams are about the day before, and our family- and has to do with Laurie and dad rachel I could see them in the backyard think there is snow out there, and I was annoyed because they were being mocking to me, and I was getting annoyed think I was with some dog and then went away from the home, and I am going around trying not to listen to them and we go to some other place thats a restaurant. - and with someone that we were eating dessert and was talking to Jessica Fletcher-. and t


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