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co-mingling gets u 'high empathy' * avoiding murky waters

Tuesday, April 23 2013

dream -I am with amanda at first,and we were downtown , I recall seeing some images of her and shane too, not sure where it was, but am at what looks to be like her apartment with shane and i think his friend ..james...was a odd scene , since we had been shopping and then went her place,was not aware of his going to be there , and some odd things were going on,-with her getting beat up and laughing as it happened, she was ''high'' and  it felt like we were co-mingling with each other and sh

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going around the neighborhood

Lucid Intent
Thursday, March 7 2013

dream-i recall little about being at home and around the neighboorhood walking with old and neighbores and going out by maplewood- I think some of the brady kids were around - so they came to my area and was helping out with yard work-and we were in the house doing stuff ...also in the schoolyard was walking around and going into the school just like i went back only it felt more like middle school and after using thr bus's going around shelburne now its city bud ..with amanda going to some stra


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