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Shocking positions-nudity-&shopping cranky

Sunday, March 16 2008

Dream 1- I think this was a visual dream since it was so weird- and there is nudity in it but NOT of me . I was seeing someones space online and I actually saw who it was after awhile I realized that after the post I thought it was Howie Dorough of BSB. I use to like them and him. I am first thinking HOW HOT he was and brazen to actually do those NUDE pics of him and his BUTT too. I am shocked that he would even do that and yet a bit thrilled that I found this.IT was all about his nudity

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Maine Issues and lost for a bathroom

Saturday, October 13 2007

Scene 1 ) I recall being at my friends' house and we were in the living room- I over hear something about them going to maine and I was like "I thought we were going together?" I didn't say it , i was just shocked. I am not even sure if this was a dream? Since I was there last night and they were going somewhere? I am not sure if it was a dream lol Since it felt so real like I was there and we were doing something having dinner I think. [in dream] There were others around to

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Shopping around can get you lost

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, October 31 2006

scene 1- I recall being on some city bus. I am downtown. First I am alone shopping and then I run into marlene. We go shopping and I was then aware that we're not really downtown anymore. I went outside and the area was different. - I don't think i am with marlene anymore. I was walking to find out where I am. I had some bags and was going to try to catch a bus but I couldn't. I really end up walking way down the streets and going to the country. I could see some small place that


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