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Stalker and little girl- lost

Saturday, May 17 2008

dream 1- not very well dreams, but I have to put them down because they are at least dreams. I am over at micheals house in the basement. and we were working on something for her toys? [girl has blonde hair]  While we are working , i was trying to get her not to touch the plywood. There was some odd guy that came around in the basement. I am telling him he should leave,and He was just around here to visit michael. ? -- and I was trying to get some toys out for the girl. I think sometimes t

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Shopping around and Creepy Dolls

Lucid Intent
Monday, June 26 2006

scene 1 - I recall shopping downtown with Laurie , we had gotten seperated I think Kris might be there too. They just were wanting to look at clothes. I went to this other store- [like a jcpenny] but I am trying to find some other certain store. I get to the mall area and wasn't sure I should walk that far-? But I guess I would find them at the other place. I recall I went into some hair-saloon and some woman was showing me this new Nail polish idea? I think she was try


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