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Trying to hold on and other odd dreams

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, November 6 2007

scene 1) I am in some strange building- and we are there doing something like a report? Its more like a work area. But I also see some weird things that We had to actually go up on. WE were in line and its like we had to stand up on this long board. Its up high a man is directing us. We had to go up and stand up there for a few minutes and he was telling us we need to do a better job next time. We then had to go towards the end of the blanks and we were to go along the bars like at th

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Caught in the food mart *

Sunday, April 9 2006

scene 1- I am in the grocery store- ,Grand Union, and shopping around for some chicken wings- I had a cart with me* I am picking up some stuff and I happen to go closer to the check out- and I saw some woman with a baby - in the shopping cart with some familair blanket that marlene had- . I was going to ask if that was Fawn, but I think I see Marlene and knew she must be shopping too- I strangly instead of saying hello I was trying to hide behind the displays- * W


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