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Sickness runs famoulsy with me

Lucid Intent
Monday, December 4 2006

Setting. I am at home. I mostly am with marlene. we are in middle room- and its a bedroom again. Think in dream its my old one. Well We were suppose to be going to school I think and Marlene said she had to lay down. I was like "We have to leave. " She saw we had awhile yet 'Well I think we should go later. " So I oddly do tuck her in my bed. I am nursing her. I hear something going on out in the living room and I see AJ and Rick from Simon and Simon. I guess the

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weird weird and more weird dog eats chipmunks

Monday, August 14 2006

scene 1- I am in our neighborhood- and I am in the other room- [old room] - and trying to cope with the new meds-. But I am sick. I didn't realzie that My Doctor is around. She brought some other nurse too who was checking my blood pressure etc. I kept saying to leave me alone etc- But she is insisting on some check up - [its even late at night] - I am saying "Then put me on some other pills. " She is asking me what I would like to choose from etc. I am takin

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Hospital Horrors

Friday, June 24 2005

I am waiting in a hospital room, after someone had givin me a shot for my rashes on my arm. Someone came in and rolled a old woman on a Girnie and she had just gotten a shot . I was waiting for awhile and when they brought in the old lady ,her eyes were wide and I couldn't figure out why she was so scared. More like Horror struck. I thought it was me, but she had all these bumps and rashes on her skin. Then looked down at my arm and could see the rashes had bumps under them . S


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