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some shady characters help re-enter dreams

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, January 23 2013

dream 1 -I am out in the old gravlin yard , and there is a table near the chainlink fence .I am setting up some photos used for an investigation, and I am with old neighbores i grew up with - Kimmy and I am not sure if its Jason or some other character..I see the 'bishop' [from being human] and he comes to help arrange some of the photos , could not see what they were ] and I am glad he is helping us , but he had to leave to my dismay and he went through the chainlink fence and into  old br

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Plane Crashes out in our neighborhood dad's ok

Friday, September 14 2007

scene 1) I am in the neighborhood. and Doing something in the backyard of the neighbor across the street. I am not sure but I think I am working on the compost ? When i happen to look up and see some airplane that is flying a bit low over the schoolyard. I really wasn't paying much attention to it at first. - Until I see it flying over towards are neighborhood where people were looking around. Out front pointing to the plane going around. It really was flying low , and I was goi


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