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Star Wars Test center

Sunday, March 22 2009

dream- I am in some space-station. The dream takes place like a star-wars movie. I am sitting in a chair next to Han- and Luke. WE are waiting for some orders to do some experiment. I am seeing all types of robots and other things on the wall. There is a tunnel too. I think we had to get cleansed up and I was wondering where Lea was. I asked Luke "WHere is Lea" - and he was pointing to a hall down the way. I didn't think that Darth vadar is looked like Him. When they came to order us to do the e

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Star Wars and Something ANnoying

Saturday, July 7 2007

short dream scene - mostly about star wars characters- I recall being on a space ship? and I am seeing the outer space through some big window. I then see Lea and Luke- Something was going to go on , and I thought "I know its some type of test. " By Darth Vader. I am seeing Han Solo too. I wasn't really aware of Darth Vader's present . ? I just knew there was going to be some type of fighting that was going on. I think I asked Luke and lea about something? Wasn't sure what? 2 Some o


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