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Private Toilet- ? Space-Charity-Balloon Fest

Wednesday, June 28 2006

scene 1- I recall being in a school again but it is a different type of school. I am with Marlene,and she wanted to use the bathrooms. We had gone shopping, so I am not even really sure if it is a school? Well , We carry our bags and went into the public bathroom. There are a lot of people waitng. There even using the men's room. Once I was going to go in but then changed my mind there were too many old men and I felt odd using a guys urinal. I go in the small cramped roo

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space crafters

Lucid Intent
Saturday, May 13 2006

scene 1- I remember something about going into chamberlin school, and I think I went down to the computer labs? Well There was something on the computer that is about vurtual games-? SO I guess I was trying them out and its almost like going through real space, since I did see some space ship and was actually like I am walking in the space craft- dealing with the weird aliens. I am having to do some weird testing about driving the ship and going after other spacecrafts, li


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