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Space aliens

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, January 10 2006

scene 1- I am out in the schoolyard - I think with Jason and old-neighborhood kids- from past- we are out in the snowy- field- and I happen to look up in the sky and see a winabagoo-[spelling]- that is actually flying through the air [like on spaceballs]- I could actually see in the trailor- and it was like star wars- characters lol- I pointed to it- and was saying 'What the hell is that thing?" I think its a sign to be lucid - I didn't get lucid [grr]- but The next scene

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spaceship with x-files

Saturday, February 10 2001

dream 1- im in this compartment   and there are these gadgets like on a spaceship,the door  closes  and I wanted to open it [along with this other girl ] - we tried to keep the door open. but it kept closing. We were yelling for it to open and I think Scully [x-files]- is there.  The spaceship  is about to go off too,but we didn't want to be a part of this experiment.  I felt were carried out later ? Scully is with the bounty hunter- i think skinner too. I reca


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