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Losing ones temper- gets you the paddle- lost lady

Sunday, November 27 2011

dream- I had some weird dreams.  I think I am observing this because its at a family house, and there is a father that has a temper, and even though I felt like I am there, I was really feeling more like its a told story. they are sitting at the table eating, and its a messy place, and i hear them talking about disipline, and the father was like 'Don't tempt me or I will spank your ass'' really rude. I guess As the child [boys]- i was tempting him and I didn't think he was going to spank, b

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Weird requests

Monday, May 11 2009

dream- Some odd dreams- I am in some odd place with rachel [she is younger]- and the dolls are around- . I noticed there is a black-haired girl doll tied up to a cage. I say "Way to go putting her near Jack's place" - I could see Jack doll and some of the others- were in some club that was made. - Some weird things went on . - Even after with Rachel , she was telling me about BDSM and asked me about spankings? and I said "What your into spankings?" Did he spank you. - I am just in disbelief she


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