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I don't like spiders or snakes & hanging out with Harry

Sunday, November 30 2014

  dream-1  I am in a unfamiliar setting,and it looked like I was on top of a building..its not very high, and think it might be the top of a gas station...and was with a young child [girl]..I go to the edge of the building and wanted to jump down , since there is more land and trees there.."Go ask how high up we are, I would like to see more..'' I sat on the edge ..and just was looking at the trees and land..was semi dark, since I recall the sun was setting down... an

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Dare go up in the attic? spiders and bugs-oh my

Sunday, May 8 2011

dream 1- I am in some large place, I think it might of been chamberlin school? not sure- its also part of a old house, because we were going through the rooms, and I was then remembering the attic, and I went to find rachel[younger here] and I was asking her "Did you want to go up in the attic?" and she said "No not now" she's looking around at some displays- , crowded room. Like a gymnasium. I went back and was going in that cramped room, and I am wanting to go up so bad. I was even getting up

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Fooling around

Lucid Intent
Sunday, October 1 2006

scene 1 - I am at home and I recall going into moms room and telling her that dad isn't golfing and why of all days does he have to be home? {sundays]-. She says something but I forget what it was. Then I go back in my room. [again} and I am with Marlene and Francis. Something is hanging from my ceiling over my bed and she claims they are spiders. I am like "They are not. " Francis stands up and I am like "DOn't stand on my bed " Felt a bit like we're kinding around. He was trying to p


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