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Making magical appearances

Sunday, May 13 2012

dream 1- I remember other scenes having to do with a mixture of famous celebs.  I am with Harry Potter and the other professors learing more about magic and trying to do some .I mostly am standing with him and also hermione and ron etc. - I see snape and think he was curious about my type of magic since it did something amazing everyone was buzzing about it. i wasn't even sure what the heck  i did to it but it was very magical and did make some stones.  THen am with some cast of W

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Don't touch the Blarney stone??

Lucid Intent
Saturday, March 18 2006

scene 1- I am sitting with some unusual characters. I am by this fire and stones. Actually they look like cave-times. ? Well There are these stones, and one is a light pink. I actually see one of the cave-men [that's what they looked like]- take the stone, he even had long fingers and nails. We were annoyed "Put the stone back. " He was acting like he didn't have it. We all see him levitate the stone, and he's moving it back and forth with his hands. That's when one person


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