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Heart Beat in oddest area and Chocolate craves

Thursday, May 8 2008

dream 1- I am on the city bus and I decided to go to Gracies and I got off and walked in to the store where I was surprised to see Hawkeye was tending to the cashier. [mash]- Well I was going in to get some  candy - I was hungry for some chocolate- I was seeing some M & m's peanuts. out of the wrapper and I hoped they had some- left- . I found them and grabbed some and a snickers bar. I went up to him and put them on the counter and said "I was hungry for some chocolate " He w

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Buying a ODd Camera

Lucid Intent
Sunday, January 6 2008

scene 1- I recall that I had a digital camera and is over at my sister's house.- I was using the camera for taking pics of the cats there . One was in the living room.- the other was in a bedroom and i think I was taking a pic of him going near the snakes cage so I took a pic of that. I wasn't sure what all of the buttons were about and I was then with Laurie's ex and he was telling me about the buttons. etc When I had turned over the camera , it had a blank-white to it. I am


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