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Sword of animation

Lucid Intent
Saturday, February 4 2012

dream- I am with some people at some strange store, and we were going around looking at the unusual items, I was wanting to get something, and was looking around for the clerk. Something strange appears, its a sword, and aladdin character comes around and was using it with the Genie, and singing a song. [this was animated too ] I wanted the sword, and he was trying to be able to marry jasmine, but something happened where he wasn't able to get the sword back, and the father wasn't willing to let

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The TIde is HIgh- kitten poop ?

Monday, September 6 2010

dream- I am in some hotel , near the water , well it looks like a hotel but it felt like a house too. With some family members,and other people around, we are doing some odd things, can't really recall what, but as I was cleaning i think we were cleaning- I happen to glance out the windows, and I saw some ocean waves. Its semi- dark out and other people were looking out there too. I was not really thinking of them waves until I saw the waves get larger and huge. I was saying "There's a big tidal

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Strange games

Friday, September 21 2007

scene 1 ) this is a bit vague, But I do recall driving around with the family? we are around some strange scenery. I recall getting out of the car , and we were on some mountain side. There were some other people there, mostly young kids I see were sitting down along the banks and we were then walking and actually I Got up and was trying to find something? I can't recall what I think it was some type of sticks. ? WE were going up and walking down the paths. I don't recall where we ar


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