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Fuzzy Business

Sunday, June 8 2008

dream 1- I remember some more stuff on our street and it was about seeing the old neighbors around - in michaels house- [sobels]- I happen to see mr sobel - and he is outside the house, near the back doing something to the yard- I was going through the path and I might of talked to him. I might of even helped him do the pruning. We were talking about the kids etc. it was like he was back living there and I even notice I think the gravlins next door and they were out on the street- doing things t

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Flying with the aliens

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, November 7 2007

scene 1- I recall one other dream about being in some field with some people . I think I only know them from the dream. I was talking to them and all of a sudden this thing comes from the sky. It was a cylinder shape and gold. It landed near us and I knew we had to go up in the saucer. I wasn't really wanting to since I think there was some aliens in there. I also think it might be too small to even carry us ? I do recall us getting in and it was a bit bigger on the inside. - I w

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In the hospital and going to maine

Friday, August 17 2007

scene 1 ) I recall being in a hospital and with some other people that I only knew in dream. I think some family members- We decided to go and eat . There was a girl there that I didn't know in life. But she is waiting for someone in the operating room. I think we were too. I wasn't sure who was there. [in the room] I think that's where Kris and Laurie were coming in and saying"We have to get ready for our trip " I was wanting to stay and wait but the girl was telling me "I will ca


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