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Trickster Pollyanna

Sunday, July 13 2008

dream 1--  I am  in some big  mansion and I could see some childs room isn't really picked up , I think  the woman who had the child should start to get rid of some of the things on the floor- that are for  babies. - I see a cherrios box and some other toys. I know I few something - since the girl from   pollyanna- is the character that wants to dress in something to play a trick on the governess?  I am not sure but I know I play a part in it since I am try

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Prep Snobs and PRegnancy

Lucid Intent
Friday, December 29 2006

scebe 1 Recall being at Home and in the living room- we were looking out the window- and could see someone strange standing outside- . [girl in shorts and top blonish hair]- She is talking to someone- There are 2 other men. They appeared to be doing something and fixing up part of the house. SHe is watching-. She appears down too- I recall also being on a traveling school bus with these girls- like its a field trip. The area wasn't familiar and first it appears we are in the country and


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