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Neighborhood Watch?

Monday, June 30 2008

Dream  1-- I am around some strange neighborhood that is actually near a lake- and I am going around the area, seeing new neighbors move in with kids. - I go around the lake , and then was watching some man that was looking at the new people with kids moving in. I felt he was a preditor.  I try to follow him and see what he is up too. The kids are young in 3rd grade I'd guess. -   -- I am talking to the new neighbor's - and looking around for him. I go into another house nearby

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Weird neighborhood house

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, August 9 2006

augt. 8 Dream 1- Recall being over at michaels [neighbors] only in the dream it wasn't is house- It belongs to some weird people. I am in the middle room doing something. When I am hearing some other people around that are talking about something that was to be seen down in the basement. Think there was type of tour guide. ? I am in the middle room and could see something in the basement . I guess I went down through the hole, and was hearing them ,discussing - the halloween


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