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'the angel bridge'

Monday, July 15 2013

dream 1 -lots of action in dreams tonight , am with some people ..think its our family in some big city and going to big shopping malls - think its mom and I and dad ,laurie too .was in a hge shopping mall,and do not recognize the city - but was going through some small stores too...had done a lot of shopping and getting baked goods,had lots of bags,think rachel is younger here - and while we headed out, was dads old subaru was there and we got in the back well rachel and i, were excited about g

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Traped in the neighborhood-and aliens attack

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, September 20 2006

scene 1 - I remember that I was over at Ms Bs [next door] and with mom We are bringing her over magazines. Then we went in and were talking with her, but her granddaughter- and her daughter came so we had to talk and entertain with them too. We went outfront and something else was going on. I think something else was going on with some drivers outfront. There was almost some accidents. I could see our old saturn I think I may have even been trying to turn around. In the driveway. Som


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