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Party talk * Lost in direction

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, July 8 2015

 dream- I  am at our old house,and the pool was up.We were in the pool,was cloudy out and looked like a storm could be coming..Some reason I felt like a character from my hobby writing,but  I am also in the pool with them ..and one of the characters friends were asking another if they wanted to go to a party at his place..While they were splashing in the water and attempting to catch a ball.. I was going to say something,since I was going to the party or another party and Laurie w

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Swimming in the past [short]

Thursday, July 15 2010

dream- Some odd dream, only remember seeing me and my sister swimming in our old pool and we are talking about selling the house, as we are walking out of the pool, and she says its for the snow plow and trackter we need for the yard work, but then I reminded her if we sold the house, there would be no yard or other work needed - I think the house was brown color too.- and like the past, I remember seeing samatha from bewitched and she is in the middle room wearing the pink dress she wears. - an


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