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High 'views' of .....questionable positons

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, January 17 2017

1- I am at a unfamilair location- looked like a resort . I was looking out at some snowy mountains..and was standing on a wide open veranda. I could see a person on some swing that was hanging- up over the roof...I didn't first  until some obese woman whom was interviewing Pat Sayjack....which turned out to be weird since Pat was turning her around and jokingly..rubbing her ass -she had on a black-see through nighti- and I thought it would be dangerous to even be hanging tha

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Dreaming of magical Hogwarts

Thursday, November 24 2011

dream-I am with characters from Harry Potter,first I am with Harry and Hermione and we are sitting on the old chair swing we use to have [white one]- in some field near hogwarts, and we are sitting on the bottom , talking leisurly about some dream images, and Hermione was telling me about her symbols, and trying to exlpain about it and I was telling her how it could be "Hard to digest" and she was like "yes thatst it" surprised I came up with it so quick, and I told her and Harry that I had been


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