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Raising scorpions * Mother is alive but then dies

Monday, March 12 2012

dream- I am out front and was looking in a tank that had a mother scorpion- and was trying to get her to feed the babies-. I was having her dive and then I saw a worm was wriggling in the water and i wondered if it would get eatin? I didn't really want the worm to get eatin but they were too busy diving down and trying to get at something, I also see all these other scorpions were coming at me, and the tank for the other scorpion mother. They were actually smaller and see through. I had to try a

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To help a Pet

Lucid Intent
Sunday, April 8 2007

scene 1- I am at some strange place. I don't recognize the house but I am trying to keep some frog? I think in this tank and its hoping around on the rocks. I am not sure if its a frog but I did feel like I wanted to help it or the fish? its not a full tank and its kept in the corner. I felt I had to move it. ? I wanted to be sure that its ok. I just felt terrible for it. or The fish. end.


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