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The Vanishing friends and Tattoo of betty boop?

Monday, December 27 2010

dream- ok shit, wrote the whole dam dream and wasn't logged in so I lost it, so lets see what I can write ,- I recall being downtown in a lot of stores and out on the streets with 2 of my friends, saw some bus and wasn't the downtown bus, was the one from our area, and I thought we were going to go on it,but amanda was the one that did, and I got lost, so I had to walk around back and try to find another bus, and that's when I went in and was seeing marlene, so I was like "HI" and we went out ag

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Tattoo for my sister but not me

Thursday, August 2 2007

scene 1 ) I am with my sister Laurie- and we are walking in a area that has shops. I don't really know this place. - I see her going towards some building that had some jewelry hanging around outside and I go up near her as she is looking. I think this is an other place too that does Tattoos because she was thinking of getting one. I am like "I don't think so " but she heard someone ask by a stair "Anyone want a Tattoo?" she was looking at the jewelry art and then was saying "Yes I woul


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