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Talk Therapy - and Weird Hotel

Wednesday, September 26 2007

scene 1 ) recall being at home, and in the living room, The phone rings, and I answer. it was Laurie saying that I had a appointment with suzi today at 10. I was stunned "I do?" She says she made the phone call for me. So I was like "Ok , See you then " scene 2) Then I am in some hotel . Its a big hotel. I don't really recognize it. I am trying to find the room. I go onto a elevator with some other people. I wasn't sure where I was to go . I went around the hotel. I felt I

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Hart conversation

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, February 22 2006

scene 1 I am in some building, and I remember it being about the Harts [hart to hart]-something about seeing MR Hart in a light blue suit and he is in the hallway . I think It might even be the hallway of his office building. [ Got the hart to hart series 1st season yesterday so naturally I guess I would have him in a dream]- Well I hear a phone ringing, and he was about to go into the elevator but then he says "Guess I'll answer that. " - He had a phone in the hallway - [wh


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