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Not A good ''view'' of things

Friday, January 11 2013

dream 1- I will call this a nightmare, because mr idiot is in the dream , and I am at first excited to go look in the porch for my new telescope and laurie and rachel [younger] are there mom showed me where it was and am looking at the new wider telescope and touching it and loving the new size of it , and thats when morad [her ex husband] came in and was looking to get one too .and i got so annoyed laurie got a magazine to show him what types , and its on top of my telescope so i had to get the

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Hawkeyes Secret life. & shopping to hide

Thursday, May 3 2012

dream 1- Was another strange dream, I am at home, but also next door scenes with the neighbor again - well I met up with hawkeye and some mash characters over there. We went around the neighborhood, and talking about the area. etc- I went back to my house and strangely it felt like I couldn't leave my room - I was laying on a matress in the middle of the room, and some sexual things were going on with Hawkeye and it felt like he was making me have some sexual things going on with the clothes on


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