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Tornado Valley

Tuesday, March 7 2006

scene 1- Remember being at some water area . There are mountains around. Some people are with me, and we are enjoying the fun until I happen to glance over my shoulder and I see the Tornado Very big heading our way. I felt some wind starting up too so I said "Tornado better go inside. " I noticed that it had a ways to go before it got here, but there was strong winds starting so we ran up the hill and some man was saying we should go in the University. I am running and saying 'Wo

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Dead Bodies- Dumb- Gangsters-

Lucid Intent
Monday, February 13 2006

Theme- 1 Something about being in some neighborhood- and seeing some Dirt Mound- that looked like a body could be buried under it- . [Discovering some dead bodies in a van]- in the yard- . people--- Myself and some other younger kids- I think in there teens- action- Driving through some strange neighborhood [with some people I know only in dream]- We spot some odd shaped mound- that some kid points out "Look that could be a dead body under there. " - We were lau


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