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FairyLand to the rescue

Saturday, December 31 2011

dream 5) -- I am still over at nicole's [from last dream]- and I felt that Heather S- had left her fairy's collection here, [odd I know ,since Heather S was a person from my past whom I wasn't really friends with,she's a old neighbor, ]- anyway- I was admiring her collection and was down in the basement,- and I was surprised when they were moving and talking, So small but very very wise- and were trying to help me with this weirdo man, they were willing to let me have - them and I was seeing som

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D is for Lucidity-? and other odd dreams -

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, January 18 2006

scene 1- I am actually remembering something that I was using as a lucid cue- in waking life- and that was the -writing on my hand a letter [d]-and telling my dreaming self-that I when I recognize the D on my hand I will Lucidate-. Well in the dream I was actually not writing it- on my hand but its like in the dream my dreaming self was looking for the D- and tracing where its suppose to be- on my left hand- . So I didn't lucidate but least in my dream it was looking for it- . S


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