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Forced prostitution and resort of disaster?

Saturday, March 29 2008

Dream 1- this is a bizarre dream, I am with Marlene and I think we were on the city bus? and it was filled with some strange people. We were going around this town. Though I am a bit confused i think we were going to some resort? around the town-  I might be getting these mixed up since I am writing this a bit later * Well something was going on when we got off the bus, we were around this town ? and I wasn't sure why but we went into some strange rundown looking building. I realized that

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Driving around in circles

Lucid Intent
Sunday, September 24 2006

scene 1 I recall driving the old -saturn. Yes me driving-creepy lol- I am near the moblil station. Its semi-dark. I am wanting to go near the Gracy's store. I felt I am stuck in traffic. I am trying to take a short cut. I go out through the video store around towards wiliston road. I almost got hit. But was feeling like I went past down to the Hinesburg area. I know I was going to turn around again-but I did in the Cemetary. I felt that I was wanting to really stay in t


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