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traveling to where?- retarded girl gets smart?

Saturday, November 14 2009

dream- I recall that we were traveling, and i thought we're going to maine first, but really when we went on the backroads, and stopped at some restaurant - to eat and i think i picked up some gifts? and then the scene is like we're going to a tropical island again. - or maybe it was maine at the ocean. - and we are having a good time, i am sitting out on the deck and folding some towels, and there are other people in the dream that I am not really sure of that we know but were a part of the dre

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Strange Hotel of head decorations

Wednesday, August 5 2009

dream- I had some weird dreams last night, I recall being at some hotel , and we had just traveled to somewhere I think it might be maine? I am with Laurie and Rachel , and some other people that I only knew from dream. -I recall going around the hotel and then finally going into the rooms to think of using the bathtub. We were in the beds and sleeping, and from being tired from the driving. I am near the desk and door, and I am waiting to see what we planned to do ? and impatiently . I actually


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