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school ,place for rest with baby? joey tricks over bridge

Monday, October 22 2012

dream 1- i had bunch of dreams last nite...i first am in a school and was looking for somr place to sleep with my baby ,i went into  a big  room ]classroom] and there oddly is a matress  and felt relief that there was a place to lay down with her and its semi dark in the room - light from the hallway,i found a cell phone under the blankets and liked it though i think its max's and i didn't want to give it to him if it was since i liked it.......a teacher  came in and saw i wa

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Brotherly Mischief.

Wednesday, June 29 2005

Setting- farm-house People- My dream family- mother {young with brown hair} brother - younger- father obese and brown hair. I actually am a older brother . I seem to have recurring themes about living with another family. In this dream I am a boy- I think 13 yrs old- brother is only 10 - and I am sick on the couch but mom doesn't believe me and my brother is trying to get me to do some mischiefs' stuff while mom is on the phone, in the kitchen. I had to keep telling him that I


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