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Turned to Vampire bloody mess

Lucid Intent
Friday, January 29 2016

dream- I haven't had a vampire dream in a LONG time. I love these. I am at my old home and was talking to marlene in the first bedroom I had when I was young. We were doing some type of project on my bed, and had to do with tape and glue. It looked like we were making hand glue craft [recall these as a kid] I showed her my peeled hand. We were doing that for a bit. She went into another room [across by the bathroom that use to be my room too ] I am still doing something on my bed, when I

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From april 2000- Sucker School Part one- vampires

Sunday, October 7 2007

NOTE- this is a dream I had from a journal from year 2000. Decided since I didn't recall any this weekend [stress from taking care of parents] Well I found a long dream that I recalled. So here goes. date 4-14-00 - Scene 1 - setting is school. The first scene is where I am sitting in my room , [class]and I think Carol Burnette comes to me to tell me that The principal wants to see me. I really wanted to listen to the teacher [male] but I had to go . After I stayed


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