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Trying to be helpful

Friday, January 17 2014

dream,from what I remember, I am in some unfamiliar building..and with simon and simon- I think some family members were around, but they were doing something else,,and I am trying to do something,and get stuck I think Rick is helping me. and he is talking to Aj about some odd people that look suspious..and I am listening to them . I guess I try to hear what they were up to, and I am going around the building , has a different rooms of offices.and also some parts are stores.I see who the pe

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Hanging around some strange creatures 'Almost lucid'

Lucid Intent
Thursday, January 9 2014

dream- I am in unfamiliar building, and not sure who am with, think just some characters from the dream , and maybe few friends from waking life..It starts out where we are all just talking and laughing, I recall a chinese man being there too..well we go to another part of the room and we are shocked to see some 'very odd looking creatures' looked human ,but had the look of the demons on sleepy hollow- There were some humans around them , and wrapped in what looked to be a sheet-heads still poki


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