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Mom and dad back again but died again .......

Thursday, March 1 2012

dream- I am having dreams of mom but not really in a good way. I am at home, and she is alive again. We were talking in the kitchen, and I say "What happened" and she says "She's just tired" and I was seeing she is wearing her dark blue top, and dad is around too and trying to fix things. We were in mom's room, and Joey was asking mom about the oscars. I guess they wanted to watch it. She is in bed. Something happened where something hit [it felt like my forehead but really its moms] and she had

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Dating Rutgar Haur can be ''trickster'' feelings

Friday, November 4 2011

dream 1- some crazy dreams, but glad they are back, ;p- well anyway, I am actually with rutgar haur and we are a couple, first we are talking on our street about some trip, and how he had to go to london.I recall we were doing something odd in the yards, and think rosie is around us. I felt he was doing some secret plot and I am assisting him in hiding or taking his things to where they are suppose to go,and we were talking to some other people. I recall having to take rosie in, and then we were


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