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Vampire among us-

Monday, November 14 2005

scene 2- This dream seems to be in relations with the driving dream- well- this is how it goes- I am in some house [mansion]- and I go through the door- [kitchen]- I happen to see 2 gothic looking girls sitting at the counter- reading and having coffee- they are not friendly just snotty- and give me a look and I was annoyed so I was like "What the fuck is your problem?" Not in a good mood- I guess someone had brought me there- and they just laugh- So I go to another room [den]- a

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zombies-vampires-chain-saws-Not a rock group[lucid]-

Lucid Intent
Sunday, October 23 2005

scene 1 - Some weird dreams again- Think I should start with being in a strange building- think its some old victorian mansion- and I am with a bunch of odd characters- some were even members of motley crue- nikki sixx- Though now that remember where this started- it was out in a field- and by the victroian place? Well -its sunny out - and we [some mixture of guys-and girls]- though I think one of them are andrea taoffri [enemy from past]- and missy edwards- same-


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