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best friends moving away party

Saturday, September 19 2015

dream- I am at my old home, and was eating with mom dad. I went to use the bathroom , and dad was telling me ''marlene is outside,'' I looked out the window and saw her near the old front steps, she is looking at her cell phone. I just had to use the toilet and i hoped she didn't think I wasn't home.  I told dad to tell her i am here. I went outfront and she seemed excited about something. She shows me some photos of them on a short trip 'daytrip' I see corey

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Acting Strangely *

Lucid Intent
Thursday, January 29 2015

dream- I had a few other dreams, that are slightly vague..I recall the scene is at my old elementary school..and there were vendors around, some with strange items for sale..and others were doing some art work..that i thought was odd..since they were not being careful about the procedure..also something about someone a man or young teen.was doing some odd action .that felt a bit flirty and I was feeling that he wasn't to be trusted...was trying to warn others but they were going over to the


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