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High 'views' of .....questionable positons

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, January 17 2017

1- I am at a unfamilair location- looked like a resort . I was looking out at some snowy mountains..and was standing on a wide open veranda. I could see a person on some swing that was hanging- up over the roof...I didn't first  until some obese woman whom was interviewing Pat Sayjack....which turned out to be weird since Pat was turning her around and jokingly..rubbing her ass -she had on a black-see through nighti- and I thought it would be dangerous to even be hanging tha

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Famous actor tea time- with me!

Sunday, May 20 2007

scene 1 ) ok , now I vaguely recall this one - but I am a bit annoyed at that cuz it was about some actor I enjoy - Dennis Mitchell- from Murder she wrote- he plays a detective on her show once in awhile. as he was on last night in a rerun . and I did dream of him though I thought I wouldn't ! - well I do recall it starting out at home. I was going down our hallway with him and talking about some case? I know others were there but I forgot who- well anyway something blew- up - and I was in


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