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Floating House -whoopi's cracked gift

Lucid Intent
Friday, December 30 2016

1-I am at some place that appears to be near the ocean..or actually on the ocean.. Its dark out and I felt like I am on some floating thing..and someone was with me..I am looking over at the place and see some people actually were standing up , which I was oddly thinking ''how lucky they can stand up,with water beneath them '' I think the water was floating under it [think I might of been able to become lucid 'here' but I guess that I was to excited seeing the people in t

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Strange people in strange places

Sunday, April 8 2012

dream- I am going to these convinent stores, and its somewhere in a strange town. I don't recognize the stores or area. I am going around looking for some stuff, and I was seeing how weird the owners were, [couple] . I think I ate something and was hearing they were talking about some murders around the area. Well everyone was.  I am waiting for someone to pick me up ether Laurie or Kris, but I got nervous about them, and paid the food, and went walking down the country road. [think beetlej

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My A$$ can make a statement

Monday, May 29 2006

scene 1 Some other weird dreams, I recall being at some resort? I think I am with someone but I don't know who or it was some type of place I went by myself- there was some hiking trails around- I recall seeing the hotel from where I am walking- up this steep incline- and its cloudy out * Lots of trees around and streams etc- I saw a path to my right, and I am seeing some woman was joking out by herself . I thought "What a nut, out jogging in the woods by herself. " Though


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