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Lost in a fied [short]

Sunday, August 22 2010

dream- another dream i remember a bit, is being in some field and not knowing where i am going. I am going along the field towards the forest and was walking along the tree lines. I don't know if anyone was with me, if they were it was scott i think, and we are all over the place and was up on some rock i had a penguin with me i think. Its a bit hard to recall just i know was around field and rocks and lost. -end

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Hanging with Friends and His long HAir

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, December 19 2007

dream 1- I am over at my friends house talking to marlene and Tabitha. Tabitha had a friend over. I think we were going out to some movie. We were waiting for Ed I think and some other person. The place was a bit different. - and I was trying to draw something ? and Tabitha and her friend were a bit noisy. I also had to take care of the dogs to be sure they didn't stay outside. I was talking to Marlene too and asked about Corey . The weird thing that happed was when I was giving F


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