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A whole LOT of Catching up to do..discipline is hard

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, November 26 2014

dream- I am at our old house, and in my middle room, when I had as a kid,It is not liked when I was a kid, it had the light blue carpet ..and blue and white flower wallpaper that they had done, when kris had been gone to college, and she would stay in the old room I had...   I am with Jessica lang [the american horrow show, now she is a nun,at the asylum ]..and I was yelling at mom , I was trying to get my things, that I wanted for my other room.. She goes into the blue room..[jessica as ha

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LUna has puppies? lost in town [short]

Saturday, August 21 2010

dream- I am at marlene's house, and on the side of her place i walked in with her and saw that she had puppies, near the house and some were light tan, and had no fur- I said "Oh luna had babies" I didn't think she could because she had been spayed.  -i am there holding them and think we were out there awhile with the animals. I think we went inside and its all cluttery and I talked to francis for awhile and then we went out around the neighborhood, and its strange because its a different n


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