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Lets steal a Kite & something that looks like a UFO?

Tuesday, October 13 2009

dream 1- I am walking out by patchen road and i happen to look up at the sunny sky and see a blue and white kite, - and I was trying oddly to grasp it, and bring it down to me, but then when I had reached it , I wondered about the people flying it if they would miss the kite, and wonder where it is? so I think i let it go back in the air. - and walked some more, and am- walking now near some odd land- that I don't recognize. [least in real time]- and I am trying to climb up these rocks- near the

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Missing the bus?

Saturday, December 29 2007

dream 1- I am on a school bus and was with some classmates[mostly boys]-WE are driving around our neighborhood and I was wondering if it stopped where my street was? There was one boy who wanted to go around the clover street area and they were like "Can't ya just get off on richard t" and the bus driver naturally went around [guy] the street .They were talking about his basement [the kid] and how they were going to have a party down there with guitar playing etc., I could hear them talkin


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