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Fussy Fussy

Sunday, May 31 2009

dream- from what I recall, I am again downtown somewhere with my friends- and going through the backstreats- and there is a baby too. I think Fawn might be with us, and freddie- , and well most of bessettes' . We are going through the streets to catch the bus. - We had to rest and Fawn was asking me to watch the kid and I had to keep my eye out for the bus. Even Ms Bessette is there too. We had gone to shops- and that's when I saw the bus and we had to quickly go walk up the street to catch it.

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To Find my Dream Home

Saturday, June 2 2007

scene 1) The dream takes place in some odd neighborhood. I am with some group of people. I am not sure if they are any friends in waking life but I knew them. I actually feel like an oriental teen? when I see the neighborhood there are some houses empty. I happen to see one across the dirt road. We scatter about and some house's are still being built. I go across the street and get real excited about the style of the house. Its only one story. Has a great view. I go inside and I am

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Friends to meet- and Sampson's Object test????

Lucid Intent
Monday, May 21 2007

scene 1 ) Well I am outside and walking down by grand union. - I happen to look out by the Gracie store and see someone was putting a for rent sign- on some dumpy looking place out back. I was for some reason excited- I was wanting to ask how much but he was putting up the sign and then left. I tried to see the phone number. I thought it was a junkie place and I was Still thinking of moving in. When I happen to notice 2 old classmates walking down by patchen road. I was trying to get their


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