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What kind of Dream experience was this???

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, April 23 2014

dream- Don't really recall that much, but I do recall some odd situation - where I get out of bed, and I go to the bathroom, and I felt like I am awake but still sleeping- I sit on the toilet and I was thinking of something, and I am actually doing what I said in my mind- [or saw while still sleeping] -I was moving my arms like I was putting things up into a cabnet - and I had to sit back down fast, because I felt I was going to fall back into the dream- ! [very first odd dream I had] - where I

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Can't get enough Sex

Tuesday, February 22 2011

dream 1- well another sex dream!- what one is this 4th? I am down in our basement and its like the past, some people are around,Some were family and others I wasn't aware that I knew, except for this one big guy that has big build and beard [black]- we are putting some things in the basement, There was a point where they were just packing up boxes, This big guy just pulls me into the backroom, and he wanted to have sex. We were trying to remove my clothes and felt hot and steamy. He had big musc


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